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For all of you loyal readers, we would like to refresh your memories of our Aqua-Mate Portable Water Delivery System. A lot of you call it the Aqua Mate Water Machine. This is a safe and easy way to deliver H2O to your plants both interior and exterior. You will eliminate dragging that heavy hose around and hugging the water buckets back and forth to your water source.

We have all sizes of machine available and all replacement parts and accessories ready to ship. We do keep a couple of machines in stock in Dallas along with the most common parts needed for replacements.

In most cases a new machine will deliver in 5-7 business days. Call us up and let us get one on the road for you and your business.

To give yourself a better picture of what we are talking about, go to our home page – click the products tab – and you will see the Aquamate option. Here you will find descriptions and pricing of each machine and all accessories and replacement parts!

**Pricing does not include delivery charges.

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